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The project requirements. The conceptual design plan. The procedure to be taken.

Laminated Flooring

Sometime you do not feel like spending a lot of money to replace the whole hardwood floor, but you want just to fix some damaged areas, we can help you oSometimesut on this, we can repair your current hardwood floor.

Custom Design

We count with a diverse of great products and materials. You will have the choice to select the one that look good for you. Or we can give our recommendation.

Floor Repair

What about when your hardwood floor need to be retouched to look nice as it was before, we can even improve it, so give us the chance to inspect your current hardwood floor and we can suggest the best way that fit for you.

Tiles Installation

Brand new hardwood floor installation has to be made by professionals so your hardwood floor will last for longer, with no discoloration and not scratches. We know how to do it, so count on us.

Refinishing & Restoration : Floor

Once your floor was shiny but now it look dull and scratched, when the boards are broken, cracked, or gouged, or when stains or water marks mar the wood, wood floor refinishing can make all the difference.

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